Thursday, September 28, 2006

Little Milton

Little Milton was born Milton Campbell Jr. on September 1934, in the Mississippi Delta town of Mississippi and raised in Greenville by a farmer and local blues musician. By age twelve he had learned the guitar and was a street musician, chiefly influenced by T-Bone Walker and his blues and rock-n-roll contemporaries. In 1952, while still a teenager playing in local bars, he caught the attention of Ike Turner.

He signed a contract with the Sun label and recorded a number of singles but none of them broke through onto radio or sold well at record stores. After transitioning from several labels without notable success, Milton set up the St. Louis Bobbin Records label, which ultimately scored a distribution deal with Leonard Chess' Chess Records. As a record producer, Milton helped bring artists such as Albert King and popular R&B singer Fontella Bass to fame. Milton went on recording some singles "Blind Man", "We're Gonna Make It" and "Who's Cheating Who?" . All three songs where later to be included in his first album "We Are Gonna Make It".

Throughout the late sixties Milton released a number of moderately successful singles, but didn't release his second album, "Grits Ain't Groceries", until 1969. In the following years Milton struggled to maintain a career. His most recent album, "Think of Me", was released in May of 2005 and he passed away in August of 2005. MP3: Somebody Told Me


Blogger John said...

There are many questions unanswered about Little Milton's personal life.

1. How many times was Little Milton married?
2. How many wives were living when he died?
3. How many children did he have from each wife?
4. Which wife did he have when he died?
5. What kind of estate did he leave?
6. What was the value of the estate?
7. Who were the beneficiaries of his estate?
8. Is his widow still in Memphis, Tennessee?
9. Was public assistance ever part of his financial legacy?
10. Was he an involved father to his children?

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